1. impressive

    cocky card shark this Cho

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  2. WonKyu - Sheriffs who save the day 

    my pabos ♥

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  4. Mamacita    -    WonKyu parts.

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  5. Wonkyu Papicito

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    beautiful pair. always


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    Title: Devil in a Red Dress…
    Author: effing obsessed w/ kyu
    Pairing(s): Wonkyu

    Rating: M!
    Warnings: Kyuhyun being a pretty little brat-attack in his red dress and blonde wig. Whining about how beautiful he is with his hairy legs. Siwon finds a way to calm him down.This is smut… Just through…


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    He looks good, Siwon thinks, really good with oil-slicked hair and inky black lining his eyes. That’s all Kyuhyun is wearing, acid-wash vest and white button-down and muddy pants tossed aside to wrinkle on the rough cabin floor as he sinks down onto Siwon’s cock with a guttural moan in the back of…

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    140815 SMTown Rehearsal


  10. marcusandmax:

    @StarBell87: Kyuhyunnie and Siwonnie hyung sent (me) a cheering gift!! Thank you^^

    always possesive hubby

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    KIMHEENIM Instagram Update

    'SHIRT' 무대에서 썬그라스를 쓰려고 했는데 없어서 “아 망했네” 이러고 있는데 태민이가 “형 제꺼라도 쓰실래요?” 하면서 협찬해 줌. 아 태민은 사랑입니다. 오늘 태민이 1등 추카추카!!😬😬 여기서 문제. <태민이가 버림을 당하면?> #탬버린


    I was going to wear a sunglasses during `SHIRT` stage, but I didn`t have one so I was thinking “Ah, I`m screwed” when Taemin said “Hyung, do you want to use mine?” and sponsored me one. Ah, Taemin is love. Taemin-ee, congratulations on first place today!! Now a quiz here. #Tambourine

    //T/N: Tambourine is pronounced Taem-Buh-Rin in Korean, and to abandon/throw away is BuhRin = Taem+Thrown Away

    I remember him saying the exact same thing during the first ‘Superman’ performance back during the Mr Simple comeback but he couldn’t find any sunglasses at that time. After 3 years he still has the same problem but thank goodness Taemin is there this time to loan him one :) sweet.


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    SJ ‘Shirt’ WonKyu’s wink  <(^_<)> 


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    Happy Kyuhyun pat Siwon’s butt *pat! pat!*

    about time hubby got spanked :P

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  14. x

    hahahahahahaha…. so Heechul :)) damn!  How I miss that snark

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    the pretty princess has to sit and the prince has to stand guard at the side lol


    hubby is always a gentleman <3