1. onlywonkyu:

    Siwon opened a champagne and sprayed all over Kyu’s face and body….. LOL

    Siwon: since you love drinking so much… how’s about a shower then?

  2. (c)(c)

    ahhh I missed seeing DJ Hyuk

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  3. sjrulestheworld:

    Sometimes, people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures

    and I’m proud to be in their fandom

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  4. kyuchul back hug ヽ(;▽;)ノ

    mother and child

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  5. marklcoco:

    @siwon407: Suho is living it^^

    daddy won and baby suho <3 need mommy kyu to be in this pic too ^^

    mom’s too busy running around with bff. this is bonding moment with father and child

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  6. Big head Kyu Elsa and her gigantic boobs.

    therein lies his power

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  7. marklcoco:


    How to properly dance awkwardly. 


    choreography by CKH

  8. marklcoco:

    …roll roll…

    what are u doing, Kyu Kyu ??? seducing your hubby huh ? yup! he is perv hubby as well kkkkkkk

    hubby’s clueless about what wifu is doing

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  9. askwonkyu:

    Requests by the winners of the last Gyu Guessing Game

    cutie WonKyu

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  10. mysilentmemory:

    Kyuhyun twitter Update & Siwon Reply | 140919

     : We definitely went into the concert venue in the day but when the rehearsal ended and we came out it was 8am… And there’s traffic jam since it’s rush hour ㅋㅋ The concert is 12 hours later, can we do well ㅜㅜ Our members and staff who have worked hard, fighting from today onwards!!! (T)

    :@GaemGyu Fighting. WE CAN DO IT.

    sweet hubby comforting his wifu.

  11. gotmypainkillers:

    Wonkyu ft. Suho :) pe We Heart It.


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  12. Happy #100thSuperShow!

    hubbyWon would voluntarily do anything even if he’d look silly as long as it’s with his wifuKyu

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  13. wonkyushipper07:


    ChangKyu write a song together for Kyuhyun’s SS6 solo ♡ლ(ㅠ‿ㅠ)ლ♡


    oh. so it’s true then

  14. Revenge is a dish best served while being hugged…

    (pic cr. to owner)

    Now it’s Kyuhyun’s turn to be jealous

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  15. kyuhyun has an affinity for walls when scared

    they’re a lesser known otp. hahahaha

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