• 140415 V-Chart Yin Yue Tai Awards
    • Super Junior accepting 3 awards:
    1. SJ- Top Group
    2. SJ- Most Favorite Artist
    3. SJM- Album of the year (Break Down)
    Wow! Congratulations boys, you deserve all of those thank you for your hard work.

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    Fanacc: 吃完海底捞的圭贤始源希澈 希澈超开心啊跟着饭们的欢呼扭啊扭啊扭><心情很好嘛!!明天加油么么哒!

    Pic and fanacc credit: 梦瑢Dr_mengrong

    Trans: Wonkyu and Heenim look very happy after the dinner when the fans cheering them they twisted their butt happily! ^^

    This just in: After allegedly writing in s.n.s that Heechul was dining with Siwon & manager-nim, it was a shocking revelation to find that they were also joined by none other than Kyuhyun, himself. Siwon & Kyuhyun were seen leaving the diner together, with Heechul following suit. Fans ask, why keep Kyu’s presence, a secret? LMAO

    ..because this was actually a WonKyu dinner date and Heenim was just there as a cover.

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    I’m sure he’s already confessed that to Cho Kyuhyun

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    Just Siwon and his Shang hairdo. 


    which added sexiness to this already gorgeous man

    #throwback #Siwonhairstyle

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  4. seriously Kyuhyun.

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  5. Q: What position do you think you are best in office?

    but you are already the President’s friend… #ChoiSajang

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    Siwon weibo update | 140406

    崔始源: See you Beijing :^)

    *ps: siwon in beijing to attend jackie chan’s charty concert.

    and secretly meeting Kyuhyun on the side kkkkk

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  7. all I see is WonKyu

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    Happy birthday Siwon!

    Happy birthday dear Wonnie.  ♥


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    Crash Course on why Siwon isn’t in Some Performances for Ppl who don’t stan Siwon or Suju but are somehow very interested in his life all of a Sudden

    First thing u should know about Choi Siwon: He’s incredibly stubborn, He quite possibly takes that scripture “I can…

    my Superman

  10. YeWonKyu for SPAO

    not gonna pass reblogging even if it’s fanmade

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  11. spacing out coz his hubby’s not there. awwww poor baby Kyu. come here and let me hug you.

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  12. hello Kyuhyun forehead. long time no see *giggles*

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  13. all I can see is the glorious Kyuhyun  forehead…

    God bless this new album concept ^^

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    Kyuhyun Weibo Update 140323

    GameGyu88: Swing

    GameGyu88: Don’t worry about us!


    I want to think these posts are in answer to this and this