1. dancingblueberry:

    Kyuhyun is someone with many kinks. And then Siwon finds out that tan lines are among them.

    50 shades of tan

  2. chokyuhyun2013:

    140710 Kyuhyun leaving SM building

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen Kyuhyun wearing something as casual as this going to the SM building.

    I do know someone who could be an influence … /side eyes Siwon

  3. dancingblueberry:

    Wonkyu - The Warrior and The Valkyrie

    His king was a great king who died where a Viking should be— right in the middle of the battlefield they just won. He deserved nothing less than to be chosen as one of the many einherjar in Valhalla. And Siwon was witnessing exactly that.

    This angel of death was different. Brighter. Stronger. And he was far more beautiful than the rest. He effortlessly picked up the lifeless body of Siwon’s king with one hand as if the huge man weigh nothing, and severed the soul with the sword on his other hand, allowing it to depart for Valhalla.

    But the Valkyrie didn’t leave right away. Instead he turned his red eyes towards Siwon and smiled knowingly, as if he could sense Siwon’s yearning. 

    'Not yet,' a voice echoed inside Siwon’s head. The Valkyrie’s voice. 'It's not your time yet.

    Siwon coughed, feeling faint from the loss of blood, but his whole mind was focused on the voice as the Valkyrie spoke again, 'Survive this battle and many more to come. Become a great king and seek an honorable death. Only then,' the Valkyrie paused and gazed deeper into his eyes, 'you can go with me and not the others.'

    And then he was gone, but not without leaving a name floating in Siwon’s consciousness.


    Siwon closed his eyes, etching the encounter into his memories, and slowly rose to his feet.

    All that coloring and most of the time I like the B&W version more a.k.a my sense of colors is a mess

  4. chaouen:

    The definite proof that wonkyu is real (English version)

    This vid is a joke. I made it just for fun. If you feel offended, please don’t see it. Obviously, subtitles are fake :p

    this got me laughing so hard. lololol

  5. anna1104:

    Can anyone tell me who is this old-looking married couple at the airport? Especially the lady with the handbag standing next to the handsome hubby. They’re even wearing matching shoes nonetheless <3 <3 <3

    not just matching shoes. but matching top and bottom colors (I think) as well. :)) #coupleshoes 

  6. Just a normal day in the life of Cho

    hahaha. Choi Siwon has long been baited, hook line and sinker by this adorable bundle named Cho Kyuhyun

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  7. whisper couple at it again. :))

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  8. 140629 Lotte fan meet - Look at the gap between each member and notice how Kyu seems to have rotated himself to sit closer to Siwon!


    what is space? #WonKyu

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  9. mysilentmemory:

    140701 SJ D&E Oppa Oppa HK dome festival Kyuhyun & Siwon

    no.1 oppa oppa fanboy:Kyuhyun

    oh. OT4. hehehe. WonKyu and EunHae. I want some more of these  :))

  10.   [cap by ]

    from cr. IG aggyZ_monsteR :140629 Lotte FM

    this time its a touchy-feely Kyuhyun.

    me not complaining :))

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  11. marklcoco:

    Henry told those fans who gave gifts to him not to spend money buying those gifts for him. He also told it’s not necessary to buy albums. He said you can save a money to buy a house, fans told him money is not enough to buy a house. he laughed and said but you can save it and buy things for yourselves, you should treat yourself better.

    I HAVE 100% respect for this guy.

    This blog is for WonKyu , but what SuJu Henry did is exception , he’s a great man! ♥

    I’m having emotional feels over this since Henry came all the way to my country and became a motivation for the people who lost properties and families during the storm.

    He is a singer and telling fans its not necessary to buy albums takes courage cause a singer’s popularity depends on the strength of his sales. 

    You really are one of a kind Henry. You really are a ‘REAL MAN’ . may the likes of you populate earth once again.

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  12. Kyuhyun: Since I like ballad, I listen to it a lot, and go to many concerts. Last year, I went to Sung SiKyung hyung’s concert with Eunhyuk-ee hyung and Siwon-ee hyung. Till then, I thought our concerts were the most fun, but it wasn’t. (Laugh). I want to become a singer that can fill the entire gymnastic stadium alone.



    you can and you will baby. have faith in yourself. ♥

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  13. Why do you look surprised, baby? I think that lady knows something. Hehehe

  14. marklcoco:


    and Siwon thought he was doing body wave…

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  15. anna1104:

    I woke up this morning to this…. oh my dear awesome OTP! You have finally given me something sweet so my shipper heart can feed on! 

    WonKyu is forever! Wonkyu is love!!! 

    gobble. gobble. gobble

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