1. mysilentmemory:

    the pretty princess has to sit and the prince has to stand guard at the side lol


    hubby is always a gentleman <3

  2. Oh my gosh! that pearl sapphire blue wave… it almost made me cry… and yes, that time when the rest of the members enter the army, navy, or police force I hope everyone who were there to support them will still be there when they come out.
    WAKE UP CALL: 7jib #SuperJunior #7jib #fighting

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  3. shattered1013:


    I think the platinum color is my favorite!

    Sen bizim mahalleye geldin geleli canim. Biz de ne akil kaldi ne de fikir bittik.

    me too. #sassySungmin

  4. alwayswithteuk:

    ……… and my eyes got teary. T_T

    and I’m glad that the best K-pop leader is back with his brothers

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  5. S U P E R  J U N I O R ♥

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  6. SJ and Elf will grow old together, right? <3

    of course ♥

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  7. cr: Beyond_rea83 | pt 4/4

    wifu just waited for hubby to cook for him and he rewarded him with a sweet selca /giggles/

  8. caksir:

    Sweet wonkyu moment

    and this couple have more selca than we could ever imagine

    mostly tucked away in Siwon’s laptop folder LOL

  9. arrrrgggghhh why haven’t seen this video before???!!

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  10. Kyu

    lean on me well not exactly hehehehehe

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  11. height does matter and theirs are just perfect for each other :D ♥

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  12. HyukChul: The Earphone series
    (to be continue…)

    hahahahaha I didn’t know I’d miss this Kim Heechul so much ♥

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  13. All about Super Junior: Treasure Within Us

    Super Junior - Flower Boys

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  14. my loves ♥

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  15. dancingblueberry:

    Kyuhyun is someone with many kinks. And then Siwon finds out that tan lines are among them.

    50 shades of tan